How a typical session goes

Step 1


The first 30 minutes are dedicated to the practice of yoga with one of our certified instructors. A session open to everyone, regardless of your level! The puppies play freely around all the students.

Step 2

Relax with puppies

The last 30min a dedicated to playing and cuddling with the puppies. Take pictures, relax and enjoy the pure love of the puppies.

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  • Socialize de puppies

    Our classes provide puppies the opportunity to interact and become familiar with humans. This allows them to strengthen their confidence and learn to behave harmoniously in various social settings. Of course, all puppies are vaccinated and weaned! 🐶

  • Selected breeders

    We carefully choose all the breeders we work with. Kindness is at the center of our approach; we verify the treatment conditions of the puppies in the breeding facilities and ensure that our four-legged friends are properly vaccinated and weaned before participating in our sessions.

  • Guaranteed relax

    Interaction with animals reduces stress and anxiety, simultaneously enhancing well-being and joy in life. Yoga helps improve flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and sleep quality. The combination of these benefits provides a unique and beneficial experience for both the body and mind. 🧘‍♀️